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Feb 2024 - May 2024

Production Assistant Intern

Thayu Photo LLC

Los Angeles, CA


∙ Shot and Produced alongside CEO on various production-related tasks in the fields of videography and

   photography among freelancers.

Developed tabletop card and board game prototypes and game systems.

Jan 2024 - May 2024

Festival Jury Intern

Student World Impact Film Festival



∙ Evaluated Film Submissions for international film festival utilizing film analysis and review

   skills to review, comment on, and deliver feedback to 100+ short films submitted as a judge.

Aug  2023 - Dec 2023

Technical/Teaching Assistant

Ithaca College

Ithaca, New York


Worked to support technical and teaching development of 100-level introduction course to

   the Writing for Film, TV, Emerging media major, making sure that the room was set up and

   prepared for instruction.

Apr 2023 - Sep 2023

Freelance Writer

International Association of Professional Writers and Editors



∙ Developed and Delivered freelance, working directly interacting with clients that need work

   done for a variety of formats and projects.

May 2023 - Aug 2023

Marketing Intern

Blue Bird Corporation

Macon, Georgia


Spearheaded several high-priority marketing campaigns.

Developed graphics and content for various Mailchimp newsletters.

June 2022 - Aug 2022

Web Content Writer

Pearl Lemon Group

London, United Kingdom (Remote)


Wrote, published and modified web-based articles and site content for an array of
  contractual pieces and company business on a constant rolling basis.

May 2021 - July 2021

Production Internship


Atlanta, Georgia


Leveraged experience of film creation and curation to create elaborate storyboards and shot

   boards for commissioned pieces.

Produced and directed supported spearhead work flow and video production on time and

   budget constraints.



Nov 2021 - May 2023

Standards Board Chair

Delta Kappa Alpha Cinematic Society

Ithaca College, New York


∙ Worked as head of Standards Affairs in organization of chapter duties.

∙ Hosted, developed and participated in local chapter activities as well as acting as a known figure-head
  campus-wide for my involvement and dedication to the chapter and it's members, keeping the internal
  operations functioning.

Oct 2022 - Apr 2023

Field Host / Field Assistant

Ithaca College Television's Game Over

Ithaca College


∙ Created field segments to be broadcasted live weekly; worked in developing with a team to write, shoot,

  edit, and plan field segments alongside primary producer to an intended audience in an ever-developing

  topic field.

Dec 2012 - Jan 2023

Broadcaster / Content Creator

Twitch, Youtube, Dailymotion



∙ Created and marketed content for an ever-changing audience consisting of various backgrounds and

∙ Acted as front-facing talent, advertiser, public figure, and editor for small size Youtube and Twitch

Aug 2018 - Mar 2020

Live Production Team Member

Mount Olive High School Film

Mount Olive, New Jersey


∙ Produced 100+ episodes of a live television, creating new entertainment across a range of various genres

   in a collaborative team environment;

∙ Held various roles including Live Talent, Cameraman, Director, CGI Head, Research, Editing, and

   Writing. Discerned focus on show-writing.

Aug 2016 - April 2019

Film Club Assistant

Mount Olive High School Film

Mount Olive, New Jersey


∙ Leveraged skills in producing, supporting and curating content made primarily by a group of middle-
  school students.

∙ Levied skills in administration and collaborative teamwork among a group of incoming members. Was a
  finalist in 2016 Morris County Teen Arts Festival.

∙ Worked as intermediary in a 2016 Mount Olive Middle School interview with Seth Rogen.



May 2024

Writing for Television, Film, and Emerging Media (BFA)

Roy H. Park School of Communications

Ithaca College, New York


Thesis Television Screenwriting, Thesis Feature Screenwriting, Program, Development Media, Fiction Film Theory, Cinema Production

May 2024

Writing: Creative Concentration (BA)

School of Humanites and Sciences

Ithaca College, New York


Proposal and Grant Writing, Inquiry, Research, & Writing, Fiction Writing, Poetry Writing, Science Writing, Visiting Writers' Workshop, Argument

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